Welcome to Ajax Login

This application was built using AppFuse Light and is designed to be a demonstration of the following features:

  • Require HTTPS for authentication.
  • Allows testing HTTPS without installing an SSL certificate locally.
  • Implements a RESTful LoginService that allows users to login.
  • Implement login with Ajax, with the request coming from an insecure page.

You can read more about this application in my Implementing Ajax Authentication using jQuery, Spring Security and HTTPS article. The source for this application is available on GitHub.

To login normally, click on the "Users" tab above and enter your credentials when prompted. To login using Ajax, click on the "View Demonstration" button below and use admin/admin to login.


  • It's 2011, you should be thinking about HTML5 and SOFEA.
  • JRebel should be used to allow quick reloading of classes.
  • Conventions are more important than configurability.